Clinical hypnosis has been attacked by the church and endorsed by a Pope. It has been acknowledged by the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Institutes of Health. It has been used as the sole anesthetic in thousands of medical procedures and operations, has helped to solve crimes and is used in psychotherapy to treat anxiety, depression and many other conditions. Still, there are detractors and the exact definition of hypnosis remains elusive.

The Willmarth Interviews are my contribution to the history of clinical hypnosis. In all I have interviewed over 100 of the greatest living hypnosis researchers and clinicians and tried to preserve their wisdom and their personality for future students of hypnosis. Sadly, some of these giants such as Erika Fromm and Harold Crasilneck have passed away since they were interviewed. Many others of my “heroes” died before I was able to arrange a video session however I hope you will treasure as I do the efforts of those participating in these films.

All of the interviews were candid and unrehearsed. Answers to my questions are “off the top of their heads” and not the result of prepared statements. With each interview you can sense the passion shared by the impressive individuals who study and use clinical hypnosis.

– Eric Willmarth, Ph. D